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Work Package 7: SIDARTHa Pilot Phase


  • Setup of web-GIS based pilot system 
  • Implementation and test in collaboration with selected participating regions & evaluation of the system’s performance and use


  • Task 11: Setup of SIDARTHa
  • Task 12:  Evaluation of setup and preparation of test phase
  • Task 13: Run & Utilisation of SIDARTHa – Test Phase I
  • Task 14: Evaluation of Test Phase I 
  • Task 15: Run & Utilisation of SIDARTHa – Test Phase II 
  • Task 16: Evaluation of test run, definition of recommendations for future use, agreement on dissemination strategy and demonstration of the system to stakeholders and the public   


cover work package 7 report

Report: SIDARTHa syndromic surveillance system: test, evaluation,recommendations (pdf 1.98 MB)

cover rapid assessment

SIDARTHa Rapid Public Health Impact Assessment - Volcanic Ash Cloud 2010 (May 2010) (pdf 1.6 MB)