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Work Package 6: Design and Callibration of SIDARTHa


  • Identification of average demand patterns & thresholds for spatial-temporal clustering 
  • Specification of user needs by experts from the relevant health sector target groups
  • Definition of algorithms of the system & specification of system design


  • Task 8: Historical emergency data analysis for baseline and threshold definition
  • Task 9: Specification of user features of the system seeking input from potential future users conducting a  targeted short survey
  • Task 10: Defining technical analysis and user features and design of SIDARTHa  


cover work package 6-1 report

Report: Retrospective data analysis and simulation study as basis for an automated syndromic surveillance system (pdf 7.05 MB)

cover work package 6-2 report

Report: SIDARTHa Technical Guidelines - How to use the European Emergency Data-based Syndromic Surveillance System SIDARTHa (pdf 2.24 MB)