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November 14: Workshop "Improving public health information systems across Europe: Which contribution of syndromic surveillance?" at the European Public Health Conference, Brussels/Belgium; organised by consortia of the three EU projects on syndromic surveillance SIDARTHa, EuroMOMO and Triple-S (Download workshop leaflet, pdf 0.3MB; Download the presentations here)

July 30: SIDARTHa Tyrol: Policy briefing on the re-designed automated SIDARTHa syndromic surveillance system of Leitstelle Tirol GmbH to representatives of the Tyrolean State Government, Innsbruck/Austria

May 30: Workshop "Use of syndromic surveillance for crisis preparedness" at the World Congress for Disaster and Emergency Medicine, Mancester/United Kingdom



October 18-20: Poster presentation "Added value of routine emergency medical data for detecting clusters of acute gastrointestinal illness in Europe" at the European Resuscitation Council Congress, Vienna/Austria

May 8-10: Knowledge exchange visit organised by the European project Triple S: experts from different European countries interested or experienced in syndromic surveillance visit the SIDARTHa project at implementation site Dispatch Centre Tirol in Innsbruck, Austria; the results of the knowledge exchange will be published in a report and feed into the Triple S guidelines for syndromic surveillance in Europe


November 12: Oral Presentation "Evaluation of the European syndromic surveillance approach SIDARTHa" at the 4th European Conference on Public Health, Stockholm/Sweden

August 02: Oral Presentation "SIDARTHa - European Emergency Data-based Syndromic Surveillance System" at the Syndromic Surveillance Workshop organised by the European projects ISSC and ISIS

July 10-15: Oral Presentation "Spatial-temporal syndromic surveillance in Europe: Results from the SIDARTHa project" at the International Medical Geography Symposium, Durham/UK

June 24: SIDARTHa Technial Workshop IV, Frankfurt/Germany

June 2: Oral presentation "Update: European Syndromic Surveillance System SIDARTHa" at Chinese Center for Disease Control

May 31-June 3: Oral Presentation "EMS data based Syndromic Surveillance and Early Outbreak Detection: the European Experience from the SIDARTHa Project" at the 17th World Congress on Disaster and Emergency Medicine, Beijing/China

May 19-20: Oral Presentation "Syndromic surveillance: Eine kritische Betrachtung der Möglichkeiten und Grenzen" at the 2nd Workshop of the Working Group Health Geography of the German Society for Epidemiology, Bremen/Germany

February 25: Oral presentation "European Syndromic Surveillance System SIDARTHa" at Chinese Center for Disease Control



December 19: Oral Presentation "Syndromic Surveillance I: A European Approach to Enhance Early Warning and Outbreak Detection" at the 10th International Seminar on Medical Geography, Rome/Italy

December 2: Oral Presentation "Use Of Routinely Collected Emergency Medical Data For Earlier Detection Of Health Treats In Europe: First Evaluation Results Of The Sidartha Syndromic Surveillance System" at the 10th Scientific Congress of the European Resucitation Council (ERC), Porto/Portugal

November 23: Oral Presentation "The SIDARTHa Project" at the Kick-off Workshop of the European Commission co-funded project "Triple S-AGE: Syndromic Surveillance Survey, Assessment towards Guidelines for Europe (GA 2009 1112)", Luxembourg/Luxembourg

November 17: SIDARTHa Open Conference "Syndromic Surveillance for Europe - The Emergency Data-based Syndromic Surveillance System SIDARTHa" (Download agenda & presentations)

November 14-16: SIDARTHa Workshop V, Brussels/Belgium

November 10-13: Two Oral Presentations "Ad-hoc surveillance of suddenly occurring events – the use of syndromic surveillance in assessing health impacts of the volcanic ash cloud covering Europe in April 2010" and "Pandemic influenza 2009 – performance of the emergency medical data-based syndromic surveillance system SIDARTHa" at the 3rd joint European Conference on Public Health (incl. Annual Conference of the European Public Health Association (EUPHA)), Amsterdam/Netherlands 

October 11: Oral Presentation "Early warning sytems: an extra product from EMD" at the 6th European Congress on Emergency Medicine, Stockholm/Sweden

June 24-26: SIDARTHa Workshop IV & Steering Committee Meeting VII, Santander/Spain

June 25: Oral Presentation "Raum-zeitliche Frühwarnung vor Gesundheitsgefahren - das europäische Syndromic Surveillance System SIDARTHa" at the Kick-off Workshop of the Working Group Health Geography of the German Society for Epidemiology, Munich/Germany

April 14: Oral presentation "SIDARTHa project update: syndrome generation, health threat detection and system design" at joint workshop with Emergency Management and Research Institute, Hyderabad/India

March 5-6: SIDARTHa Technical Workshop III, Maastricht/Netherlands

February 18: Oral Presentation "European Emergency Data-based Syndromic Surveillance - The SIDARTHa Approach" at M-Eco User Workshop, Hannover/Germany


December 4-5: SIDARTHa Steering Committee VI, Genoa/Italy

November 25-28: Workshop "Syndromic surveillance in Europe – Needed or needless?" including three oral presentations "Syndromic surveillance lessons – experiences from North America", "The SIDARTHa approach – European emergency data-based syndromic surveillance" and "Utility of syndromic surveillance in European public health practice" at the 2nd joint European Conference on Public Health (incl. Annual Conference of the European Public Health Association (EUPHA)), Lodz/Poland

October 26: Oral Presentation "Syndromic Surveillance based on Routine Emergency Medical Care Data – Experiences from the European Project SIDARTHa" at 2009 European Scientific Conference on Applied Infectious Disease Epidemiology - ESCAIDE 2009, Stockholm/Sweden (cancelled due to illness) 

October 4: SIDARTHa Technical Workshop II and Interim Steering Committee Meeting, Bad Honnef/Germany

September 30-October 1: Presentation of the SIDARTHa project at the Workshop on Health Programme projects on Generic Preparedness planning and response in health emergencies of the European Commission's Executive Agency for Health and Consumers, Luxembourg/Luxembourg

September 17: Oral Presentation "SIDARTHA - Projekt und strukturierte Notrufbearbeitung" at EURONAVIGTOR 2009, Vienna/Austria 

September 7-10: Poster presentation "Setup und Design des europäischen Syndrom-Surveillance-Systems SIDARTHa" at Annual Meeting of Deutsche Gesellschaft für Medizinische Informatik, Biometrie und Epidemiologie - GMDS (German Society for Medical Informatics, Biometry and Epidemiology), Essen/Germany

September 3: Oral presentation "The SIDARTHa project - Surveillance and early warning in health care" at Nordic Health Preparedness Conference, Copenhagen/Denmark

July 24-26: Oral presentation "SIDARTHa - GIS-based European public health threat detection system" at 3rd International Conference on HealthGIS, Hyderabad/India

July 14: Oral presentation "Automatic spatial-temporal detection algorithms for syndromic surveillance in Europe: The SIDARTHa approach" at 13th International Symposium in Medical Geography, Hamilton/Canada

July 9: Oral presentation "Raum-zeitliche Analysealgorithmen zur Früherkennung von Gesundheitsgefahren - Der SIDARTHa-Ansatz" at AGIT - Symposium und Fachmesse Angewandte Geoinformatik (AGIT - Symposium and Trade Fair Applied Geoinformatics), Salzburg/Austria

July 2-3: Presentation of SIDARTHa at Workshop of the European Inter-Ministerial Panel on Emergency Health Care "Crisis Preparedness and Pandemic Influenza" organised by World Health Organization (WHO) Regional Office for Europe, Division of Country Health Systems, Country Policies, Systems and Services - Barcelona Office, Barcelona/Spain

June 17-19: SIDARTHa Workshop III & Steering Committee Meeting V, Innsbruck/Austria

May 12-15: Poster presentation "Using Routine Emergency Care Data for Public Health Surveillance and Health Threat Preparedness - The European Project SIDARTHa" at the 16th World Congress on Disaster and Emergency Medicine, Victoria/Canada 

May 12: Oral presentation "SIDARTHa - European Emergency Data-based Syndromic Surveillance System" at Deutscher Anaesthesiecongress - DAC 2009 (German Congress on Anaesthesia 2009) Leipzig/Germany

April 27: SIDARTHa Interim Steering Committee Meeting, Bonn/Germany

April 24: Oral presentation "The European Project SIDARTHA using Emergency Care Data for Public Health Surveillance and Health Threat Preparedness" at the Scandinavian Update 2009, Stavanger/Norway

April 23: Presentation of the SIDARTHa approach to the European Commission's Health Security Committee - Section on Generic Preparedness Planning, Luxembourg/Luxembourg

March 27-29: SIDARTHa Technical Workshop I "Defining the SIDARTHa System Design: Components, Data Analysis & Modelling, Detection & Reporting Algorithms", Santillana del Mar/Spain

March 18: Poster presentation "SIDARTHa - Project Management" at European Commission's Executive Agency for Health and Consumers' Information Day 2009, Luxembourg/Luxembourg

March 3: Oral presentation "SIDARTHa - Underlying concepts - approach - methodology" at joint workshop with Emergency Management and Research Institute, Hyderabad/India

February 14: Oral presentation "A European syndromic surveillance approach based on routine emergency care data - First results from the SIDARTHa project" at International Meeting on Emerging Diseases and Surveillance, Vienna/Austria

February 1: Oral presentation "SIDARTHa - European Emergency Data-based Syndromic Surveillance System" at Wissenschaftliche Arbeitstage Notfallmedizin - WATN (Scientific Working Days Emergency Medicine), Kiel/Germany

January 29: Oral presentation "Early Detection of Health Threats in Europe - The SIDARTHa approach" at the Final Conference of the European Commission CBRN Task Force (Enhancing CBRN Security), Prague/Czech Republic

January 26: Presentation of the SIDARTHa approach to representatives of the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC), Stockholm/Sweden

January 22-24: SIDARTHA Workshop II & Steering Committee Meeting IV, Prague/Czech Republic


November 6-8: Poster presentation "Emergency data-based syndromic surveillance in Europe" at Annual Conference of the European Public Health Association (EUPHA), Lisbon/Portugal

November 1-4: SIDARTHa Workshop I & Steering Committee Meeting III, Copenhagen/Denmark

October 16: Session "Emergency Data for Public Health Surveillance and Early Warning - The SIDARTHA project", including three oral presentations "Emergency data-based surveillance - Lessons learned from FirstWatch", "The SIDARTHa approach" and "A European surveillance approach - Different needs and perspectives" at the final conference of the EU-Project HESCULAEP "Pre-hospital emergencies: sustainable European cooperation", Manchester/United Kingdom

October 9: Oral presentation "SIDARTHa - Europäischer Ansatz für ein syndrombasiertes Frühwarnsystem für Gesundheitsgefahren" at Annual Meeting of Arbeitskreis "Medizische Geographie" der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Geographie (Specialty Group on Medical Geography of German Geographical Society), Remagen/Germany

October 2-3: Participation and leaflet dissemination at Workshop "Syndromic Surveillance in Europe:
The Practice of Early Detection of Health Events" organised by French Institute for Public Health Surveillance, Saint Maurice/France

September 18: Oral presentation "Syndromic Surveillance - State-of-the-Art und Umsetzungsmöglichkeiten in Europa" at Annual Meeting of Deutsche Gesellschaft für Sozialmedizin und Prävention - DGSMP (German Society for Social Medicine and Prevention), Hannover/Germany

August 14: Oral presentation "SIDARTHa - A European Approach for Syndromic Health Surveillance" at 31st International Geographical Congress, Tunis/Tunesia

June 13: Oral presentation "SIDARTHa - A European Syndromic Surveillance Approach" at Syndromic Surveillance Workshop organised by Queen's University Public Health Informatics Team, Kingston/Canada

May 22: SIDARTHa Steering Committee Meeting II, Ghent/Belgium

March 11: SIDARTHa Steering Committee Meeting I, Goöppingen/Germany